Jean Tomlin

Jean began her career at Ford before moving to Prudential. There she was responsible for programme management, restructuring the business and reengineering the workforce to do this. She led the first financial services telephone set-up with Pru Direct, and went on to cofound

As HR Director for London 2012, Jean has mobilised 200,000 Gamesmakers and led a project where there was no room for failure. With a finely tuned strategy and "no room for egos," she built a team to deliver the best Games in modern history.

Egg. At M&S she created a shared services programme, bringing in a new concept to her staff, and was head-hunted by LOCOG to manage their people and strategy.

Jean believes that business requires a detailed engagement plan, excellent communication and a shared set of values. She addresses change management, risk and contingency, and the need for a shared vision to be communicated clearly. Leadership is shown in the way people are managed and directors are paid to "get stuck in."

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