Technology is what drives us to become human.

Entrepreneur, artist

Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa

Digital transformation, and the human and societal impacts.

Gustaf Josefsson started his first company when he was 19. After that he has started projects in everything from events, theater and music to web development, marketing and politics.

In 2009 Gustaf founded The Entrepreneurial Chase, a competition that has engaged over 200 young entrepreneurs over three years. He’s also been the president of Young Entrepreneurs of Sweden, a non-profit organization gathering Swedens finest entrepreneurs under the age of 30. His latest project is Makerspark, Sweden’s first 3D Print Shop, with a co-working office, event space and on-demand printing store.

Gustaf has given inspirational talks for thousands of high school and college students. He’s frequently asked by companies to inspire employees and customers, as well as provide insights about new trends, and create understanding for how they affect us as individuals and organizations. As a speaker, Gustaf tells the story of how technology drives societal change, and how we as humanity are deeply integrated with our own innovations.


Gustaf Josefsson Tadaa


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