My passion is educating for digital equality. I want to see a world in which we share the wealth. Not only financially, but also in terms of knowledge and power

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One of Sweden's most popular speaker

Andreas Ekström

Digital revolution and impact

Andreas Ekström is a journalist at Swedish daily newspaper Sydsvenskan in Malmö-Lund, an author of six books and one of Sweden's most popular speakers.

He has reached an international audience through his book about Google and his stage personality. He holds lectures on topics around the digital revolution, Google and what impact the big five (Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon and Facebook) has on the word economy and politics. When Andreas speaks it is very little about the technology. The focus is on people, the politics, our behavior and the great social upheavals happening right now.

Andreas has given hundreds of lectures, seminars, educational days and workshops and is often credited for his way to get the audience to truly participate and reflect. He also works as a moderator, and has long experience in conducting interviews and workshops on stage.



Andreas Ekström


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