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Ami Hemviken

It’s Not The Thought That Counts

Ami Hemviken is one of Sweden's foremost lecturers in behavior, relationships and communication. She also works as a leadership trainer and coach.

During her years as a lecturer and coach, she has helped many companies and organizations to get more energy and joy from their employees. She is an entertaining educator who always manages to lift and inspire her audience. Ami creates results. She works with interactivity during her lectures and creates communication and energy in both small and large groups.

With humor and lots of energy Ami captures her audience. And thanks to her years as a teacher and then multiannual experience in marketing and communications, she understands target markets in both the private and public sectors.

Ami says that knowledge and practice of communication is not something that is just "good to have" - it is the key to success. Both at work and in private.

Examples of lectures:
- Fun at work - why and how?
- Leadership - from words to action
- Persuasive communication - it is not the thought that counts
- Convincing instead of persuading - rhetoric grounds
- Change management - how to create new, sustainable behaviors?

With her sharpness and humor Ami is also a very popular moderator.


Ami Hemviken

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